Design, Developement, Licensing and Production of Technology Products

key aspects

We produce complete medical technology appliances, which are ready for sale, labelled, packaged and documented.

Medizinischer Wärmeschrank automatic cuffcontroller automatic tourniquet

We produce electronic and electromechanical medical technology modules, which are ready to install, tested and documented in accordance with EN ISO 13485 and ISO 9001 in small to medium quantities.

Druckregler SMD Platine medizinischer Alarmgeber

By using modern aids in construction and product design, we are able – despite the increasing complexity of our products – to reduce the time to market considerably and react to diminishing market cycles.

3D CAD 3D CAD CAD Zeichnung

We also work with modern development tools in designing circuits and layouts.

Layouterstellung 3D Modell Schaltplan Platinenlayout

Prototypes are produced in our own workshops as design and inspection samples, as are functional prototypes for tests and licensing purposes.

Prototypenbau Prototypenbau Prototypenbau Prototypenbau

We assume responsibility for procuring components and managing them. This ensures that the right components are available at the right time and all processed parts are fully traceable.


Tests and inspections are required to meet our exacting quality requirements and the stringent safety requirements. We use calibrated measuring and testing equipment to carry them out.

Prüfung elektrische Sicherheit Temperaturmessung Prüfstand

We develop software in accordance with international standard IEC 62304 for medical technology products.

SW-Entwicklung SW-Programmablaufplan V Modell